Lime April 18th, 2001

I love collecting things.
Some may call things I collect "useless", I call them special! I collect cameras (broken or not), film, camcorders, soup, candles, snowglobes, antiques, mugs, cups, plates, tea sets, Pokémon merch, Littlest Pet Shops (from the 80s/2000s), My Little Pony, misc. toys, can toppers, bottle caps, tequalia caps, glass bottles, plushies, pins, books, socks, notepads, notebooks, diorama, blankets, jars, stickers, scrapbooking,,,,
I love cats, I love bunnies, I love deer, I just really love animals. I like science, mainly biology and psychology. I do not enjoy how much our society loves technology, studies show how unhealthy it is. I'm not against technology, although I believe everything in moderation. Social media is toxic, kids shouldn't even own a phone until they are 16. I don't believe in having a political party as both parties here in America have their major flaws. I'm pro-choice, an unborn fetus isn't alive and should never be considered more important than the mother. I'm against the idea of giving birth, you do you but I believe we need a license to determine who can be a parent and who cannot. I AM ALL FOR ADOPTION, enough with that "oh but they won't be your REAL child" crap, the concept of family only being the ones who are related by blood is not needed. Save a life instead of creating one. I'm also pro universal healthcare, without it mental health awareness is impossible if not everyone can get the treament they need. Autism should be cured, ANY disability should be prevented from happening in the first place. However, AutismSpeaks is NOT something you should look into if you wanna actually help people on the spectrum. There are only two genders. If the majority of NB/MOGAI people didn't go crazy like vegans do with their identity, I'd be more supportive. Gender identities, other than male and female, is harmful to society. Get a grip and support people who recongnize they have a problem.

I'm proud to be a furry! I don't like yiff but I love the idea of fursonas and all that XwX <333333